Hi! I'm Huzeifa.

I love to design and build hardware that matters.

Mekatilili Fellowship Program 2019

Recently from 12th to 16th Jan 2019, I had a great opportunity to be selected in the Mekatilili Fellowship Program. The program aims to nurture innovation via human centered design and develop the participants’ professional image via workshops such as elevator pitches and portfolio building. The program began with a warm welcome reception by the organizing committee. The program agenda was conveyed and talks were given by company representatives on the three design themes: manufacturing, accessibility and agriculture. I was in the design for manufacturing theme.

On Day 1, we went for industrial visits. The design for manufacturing team went to AB3D. At AB3D, Roy, the owner, gave us an overview of what his company does and shared the challenges that he faces with the 3D printers. In addition, I got to learn how to operate a 3D printer which was exciting. In the afternoon, we had a workshop on IoT by Stephanie and Tim. They showcased their IoT projects and guided us on how to setup the NodeMCU module and connect it to the IBM Watson IoT platform.

On Day 2, we formed teams to address a design problem and develop a prototype for it. My team, consisting of Joel, Charles and Alice, addressed the filament usage problem where we came up with a solution to measure the amount of filament remaining in the 3d printer. It was fun collaborating with them and appreciating their skills. The exciting part of the day was the elevator pitch workshop by Jaleesa. It educated us on how to deliver an effective elevator pitch.

On the last day, we continued to develop our projects and in between we had a workshop on developing a personal portfolio and a stunning resume using canvas.com. The workshop highlighted the importance of documentation and its effectiveness in impressing potential employers.